AstroWin 3.67

AstroWin performs plenty of astrological calculations with additional facilities

Computer applications need not be always necessarily oriented to perform sophisticated operations and rigorous calculations, and many users take keen interest in understanding themselves and others better with the help of spiritual astrology programs. Therefore for all the users looking out for a versatile application, which provides various astrological aspects and techniques, AstroWin is an evocative program that enhances the quality of life in many ways.

As a matter of fact, AstroWin performs plenty of astrological calculations along with additional facilities right from added option to display chart-wheel aspect lines to Ascendant and MC, relationship charts, set up separate options for progressed aspect orbs like solar arc aspect orbs and transit aspect orbs. Moreover, it has also incorporated added menu items for controlling the planets that are displayed in text reports.

Furthermore, there have been many fixes incorporated in the program, such as the way whole sign houses work, while being in sidereal zodiac mode and lots more. All in all, AstroWin is indeed a very helpful numerological program that comes with many capabilities to perform astrological estimations absolutely free of cost.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Comes with many impressive astrology calculation abilities


  • No control of what planets are displayed in text output
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